Dünya Anarşistlerinin ve Özgürlükçülerinin Saygı Duruşu Çağrısı


Call for solidarity

On Thursday, the 20th of June at 20 o’clock (Turkish time), we will hold one minute’s silence for the three killed activists of the Gezi Park Protests. We are sending our call all over the world with the appeal to join the minute of silence. It would be a great motivation and support for the movement here to be united with other activists during the action.

These are the names of the friends and comrades we lost:
Abdullah Cömert (from Hatay), Mehmet Ayvalistas (Istanbul), Ethem Sarisülük (Ankara)

Anarchists and Libertarians from all of the World

Federation of German-speaking Anarchists – International department


Çekoslovak Anarşist Federasyonu

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